Why Fish a Clatterbrat Lure?

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Why Fish a Clatterbrat Lure?

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:31 am

After fishing hollow and soft frogs nearly 50 years I began developing my own topwater frog lure. Hollow frogs are either too stiff or too soft and do not crush easily resulting in lost fish or they are too easily damaged, take on water and sink. Most soft frogs dont even float or if they do the lure posture is unnatural - upside down or nose down etc. After building and testing more than 30 prototypes, Death Dealer Bart emerged and Clatterbrat was born in 2012. Since then several alternate body sizes and types have been added to the Clatterbrat line. Clatterbrat lures cannot take on water and sink. They are more durable than conventional frog or mouse lures. They feature a needle sharp, heavy duty Eagle Claw hook and materials/components made in America by American workers. Clatterbrat lures have a loud rattle to entice nearby fish. My lures get more strikes than conventional frog or mouse lures and catch more fish.

For more information visit www.clatterbrat.com  You'll find lots of good information about frog fishing, videos from me and members of the BoB (Brotherhood of Bart) from around the country. Take a look and decide for yourself whether to continue fishing conventional frog lures or to try something different.

I hope you will add new topics to this forum and discuss or inquire about Clatterbrat lures. Photos and video links are welcome.

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